The 201 TD New France Festival is pleased to unveil an all-new concept: the TD Treasure Hunt. From August 5 to 15, 2021, Old Quebec will be transformed into a giant playground, the stage for seven quests, each one inspired by a historical figure from the New France era. Participants will search the Old Quebec and Petit Champlain areas for clues and keys to solve the quests and learn more about this period. A decoder Medallion and map will help with hidden codes in the quests. And participants who so choose can enhance their experience by accessing (free of charge) the online Treasure Hunt from their smartphone. Decoder Medallions are now available, for $15 (tax and fees included) here

Find keys to the doors to other times

Time portals and mysterious objects have appeared in the heart of Old Quebec after a shocking event: A temporal storm has thrown historical figures and explorers out of their own time lines and into ours. To send them all back, participants must find keys for the seven doors and decode a specific date for each historical figure, so they can find their way through space-time back to New France.

Overview: TD Treasure Hunt

-7 quests, 7 historical figures, 7 keys per quest
-Follow the clues and find the keys in the decorations set up throughout Old Quebec and Petit Champlain, divided into seven distinct zones.
-Decrypt the secret codes with the help of the decoder Medallion and treasure map.
-Use your smartphone to find the treasures also hidden in the decorations, win points, dress your avatar and discover exclusive historical content!

The seven historical figures featured in a quest

The seven figures that players must help through their respective quests are :
-Marie Rollet
-Marie-Anne Barbel
-Pierre Dugua de Mons
-Olivier Le Jeune

Each historical figure’s story will be told through historical videos that can be unlocked during the quests, through the online Treasure Hunt and onsite. Stay tuned! More information about each of these figures are to come!

To learn more about the online Treasure Hunt, click here.